Past Presidents (All Hon Life Members)

Year Name Club Rose
1922-23 Dr D. Wardrop (Rugby)  
1924 W. Ivens (Coventry)  
1925 W. Pollard (Leamington)  
1926 W. Brievogel (B.T.H. Rugby)  
1927 M. L. Reddish (Rugby)  
1928-29 W. Hamilton (Three Spires)  
1930-31 A. Macfarlane (Birmingham C.S.)  
1932-33 W. Thorpe (Avenue Leamington)  
1934-35 Lt. Col. W. T. Brain (Birmingham C.S.)  
1936 H. Dale (Stoke)  
1937-38 J. H. Hackney (Wolvey)  
1939-41 R. C. Smith (Birmingham C.S.)  
1942-45 J. Taylor (Avenue Coventry)  
1946 P. F. Grant (Tally Ho!)  
1947 C. Antill (Rugby)  
1948 W. G. Francis (Three Spires)  
1949 W. J. Haynes (Leamington Spa)  
1950 E. Powell (Tally Ho!)  
1951 J. Ward (Stoke)  
1952 G. A. Lea (Stratford-upon-Avon)  
1953 C. H. Innes (Handsworth Wood)  
1954 H. Cox (Nuneaton)  
1955 T. C. Cotton (Rugby)  
1956 J. R. Harrison (Wolvey)  
1957 J. R. Knight (Stratford-upon-Avon)  
1958 F. Moore (Three Spires)  
1959 F. J. Baker (Rugby)  
1960 D. A. Drane (Avenue Coventry)  
1961 W. J. Coles (Shipston-on-Stour)  
1962-63 W. H. Lewis (Lillington)  
1964 Lt. Col. J. M. Browning (St. Barbara's)  
1965 J. S. Leeson (Stratford-upon-Avon)  
1966 K. G. Wilde (Handsworth Wood)  
1967 A. R. Grinter (Kings Heath)  
1968 Dr H. M. Yardley (Shipston-on-Stour)  
1969 G. E. Robinson (Rugby)  
1970 R. Silvera (Stoke)  
1971 N. Wells (Stratford-upon-Avon)  
1972 G. D. Inns (Bidford-on-Avon)  
1973 W. H. Hyde (Brecon)  
1974 H. E. Dunford (Avenue Coventry)  
1975 W. J. Wickson (Shipston Town)  
1976 F. R. Chandley (W. C. C. Staff)  
1977 J. E. Maries (Fenny Compton)  
1978 R. Robins (Bilton)  
1979 F. Cooper (Avenue Coventry)  
1980 T. H. Wilden (Handsworth Wood)  
1981 W. H. Jackson (Royal Leamington Spa)  
1982 W. H. Hyde (Brecon)  
1983 T. Powers DFM (Nuneaton)  
1984 Dr C. W. D. Cole (Brecon)  
1985 G. E. Hobbis (Stratford-upon-Avon)  
1986 J. M. S. Ades (Avon)  
1987 D. L. T. Williams (Three Spires) Lost
1988 S. Woodhouse (Stoke) Lost
1989 P. H. Dunn (Blossomfield) Won
1990 F. Moore (Nuneaton) Won
1991 S. Orton (Tame Anker) Won
1992 D. Lanchbury (Wellesbourne) Won
1993 A. A. Dawson (Nuneaton) Lost
1994 F. Hall (W. M. Police Birmingham) Won
1995 B. J. Wheeler (Three Spires) Won
1996 D. A. Paton (Shipston Engineering) Won
1997 I. H. Flynn (Wellesbourne) Won
1998 G. M. Sweet (Stratford-upon-Avon) Lost
1999 B. E. Carr (Rugby) Won
2000 J. Burdett (Wolvey) Won
2001 B. J. Wheeler (Avenue Coventry) Won
2002 P. T. S. Oliver (Rugby) Lost
2003 G. Williams (Bidford-on-Avon) Won
2004 C. Perkins (Blossomfield B.C.) Won
2005 P. Green (Norgren B.C.) Lost
2006 R. Taylor (Stratford-upon-Avon) Won
2007 I. Wilkins (Bidford-on-Avon B.C.) Won
2008 I. Wilkins (Bidford-on-Avon B.C.) Canc
2009 A. Brookhouse (FISSC) Lost
2010 A. Brookhouse (Norgren) Won
2011 R. J. Maries (Fenny Compton) Won
2012 G. Willcock (Three Spires) Lost
2013 M. Brayne (Lillington) Won
2014 G. O'Donohue (Wolvey) Won
2015 B. Mace Humphries (Grange) Won
2016 C. Faulkner (Norgren) Won
2017 G. O'Donohue (Wolvey) Won
2018 D. Darby (Avon) Lost
2019 G. Moran (Norgren) Won


  • 09 Dec
    Executive Meeting 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • 29 Apr
    Mixed Pairs (1st round) 06:15 PM to 08:15 PM

  • 03 May
    Unbadged Singles (1st round) 06:15 PM to 08:15 PM

  • 04 May
    2 Wood Singles (1st round) 06:15 PM to 08:15 PM