County Yearbooks

From 2019 the County Yearbook became available as print on demand (via Amazon) and/or downloadable from this website.

Older yearbooks will added in downloadable format only.

Year President Amazon Download
2021 Peter Vale Humphreys Yes Yes
2020 Clive Faulkner Yes Yes
2019 Geoff Moran Yes Yes
  Errata NA Yes
2018 Don Darby NA Yes
2017 Graham O'Donohue NA Yes
2016 Clive Faulkner NA Yes
2015 Brian Mace-Humphries NA Yes
2014 Graham O'Donohue NA Yes
2013 Mike Brayne NA Yes
2012 Gareth Willcock NA Yes
2011 Rob Maries NA Yes
2010 Aubrey Brookhouse NA Yes
2009 Aubrey Brookhouse NA Yes
2008 Ian Wilkins (in book Ken Orton) NA Yes
2007 Ian Wilkins NA Yes
2006 Bob Taylor NA Yes
2005 Phil Green NA Yes
2004 Colin Perkins NA Yes
2003 Graham Williams NA Yes
2002 Paul Oliver NA Yes
2001 Brian Wheeler NA Yes
2000 Joe Burdett NA Yes
1999 Brian Carr NA Yes
1998 Geoff Sweet NA Yes
1997 Ian Flynn NA Yes
1996 David Paton NA Yes
1995 Brian Wheeler NA Yes
1994 Fred Hall NA Yes
1993 Tony Dawson NA Yes
1992 Dennis Lanchbury NA Yes
1991 Stan Orton NA Yes
1990 Frank Moore NA Yes
1989 Harold Dunn NA Yes
1988 Stan Woodhouse NA Yes
1987 Bill Williams NA Yes
1986 J M S Ades NA Yes
1985 Geoff Hobbis NA Yes
1984 Bill Cole NA Yes
1983 Tom Powers NA Yes
1982 Bill Hyde NA Yes
1981 Bill Jackson NA Yes
1980 Trevor Wilden NA Yes
1979 Fred Cooper NA Yes
1978 Ralph Robins NA Yes
1977 John Maries NA Yes
1976 Frank Chandley NA Yes
1975 Jack Wickson NA Yes
1974 H E Dunford NA No
1973 Bill Hyde NA Yes
1972 Geoffrey Inns NA Yes
1971 Norman Wells NA Yes
1970 Roland Silvera NA Yes
1969 George Robinson NA Yes
1968 Maurice Yardley NA Yes
1967 Jim Grinter NA Yes
1966 Ken Wilde NA Yes
1965 John Leeson NA Yes
1964 J M Browning NA Yes
1963 W H Lewis NA Yes
1962 W H Lewis NA Yes
1961 Bill Coles NA Yes
1960 Dennis Drane NA Yes
1959 Frank Baker NA Yes
1958 Fred Moore NA Yes
1957 Bob Knight NA Yes
1956 Jack Harrison NA Yes
1955 T C Cotton NA Yes
1954 Horace Cox NA Yes
1953 Harry Innes NA Yes
1952 George Lea NA Yes
1951 Joseph Ward NA Yes
1950 Ernest Powell NA Yes
1949 John Haynes NA Yes
1948 W G Francis NA Yes
1947 Charles Antill NA Yes
1946 Percy Grant NA Yes
1945 James Taylor NA Yes
1944 James Taylor NA Yes
1943 James Taylor NA Yes
1942 James Taylor NA Yes
1941 R C Smith NA Yes
1940 R C Smith NA No
1939 R C Smith NA No
1938 J H Hackney NA No
1937 J H Hackney NA No
1936 H Dale NA No
1935 W T Brain NA No
1934 W T Brain NA No
1933 W Thorpe NA Yes
1932 W Thorpe NA No
1931 A Macfarlane NA No
1930 A Macfarlane NA No
1929 W Hamilton NA No
1928 W Hamilton NA No
1927 M L Reddish NA No
1926 W Brievogel NA No
1925 W Pollard NA Yes
1924 W Ivens NA No
1923 D Wardrop NA No
1922 D Wardrop NA No


  • 22 Jan
    WCBA Formed 1922 All Day
  • 28 Apr
    Mixed Pairs (R1) 18:15 to 21:00
  • 02 May
    Unbadged (R1) 18:15 to 21:00
  • 03 May
    WCBA v Mid Wales (H) 14:00 to 17:00