Competition Diary

Fixed Dates for 2020 Competitions

Published Monday 26th August 2019

Date Day Competition Round Venue
April 27 Monday Unbadged Singles First Round   
April 28 Tuesday Two Wood Singles First Round   
April 30 Thursday Unbadged Singles Second Round   
May 1 Friday Two Wood Singles Second Round  
May 4 Monday Unbadged Singles Last 16 TBA
May 6 Wednesday Two Wood Singles Third Round  
May 7 Thursday Mixed Pairs First Round  
May 8 Friday Unbadged Singles Quarter Finals TBA
May 10 Sunday Two Wood Singles (*) L16 to SF TBA
May 11 Monday Fours First Round  
May 13 Wednesday Fours Second Round  
May 14 Thursday Pairs Prelims  
May 15 Friday Fours Third Round  
May 24 Sunday Ivens Cup Prelims PLAY BY
May 25 Monday Fours Last 16 TBA
May 27 Wednesday Fours Quarter Finals TBA
May 29 Friday Senior Fours First Round   
June 1 Monday Triples First Round   
June 3 Wednesday Triples Second Round   
June 4 Thursday Mixed Pairs Second Round   
June 5 Friday Triples Third Round  
June 7 Sunday Ivens Cup First Round PLAY BY
June 8 Monday Triples Last 16 TBA
June 9 Tuesday Pairs First Round  
June 10 Wednesday Triples Quarter Finals TBA
June 12 Friday Senior Fours Last 16 TBA
June 15 Monday Pairs Second Round  
June 16 Tuesday Singles Prelims  
June 18 Thursday Mixed Pairs Third Round  
June 19 Friday Pairs Third Round  
June 21 Sunday Ivens Cup Second Round PLAY BY 
June 22 Monday Pairs Last 16 TBA
June 23 Tuesday Wardrop Cup First Round  
June 24 Wednesday Pairs Quarter Finals TBA
June 26 Friday Singles First Round  
June 28 Sunday Junior Singles (*) All Day Nuneaton
June 29 Monday Singles Second Round  
July 1 Wednesday Singles Third Round  
July 2 Thursday Mixed Pairs Last 16 TBA
July 3 Friday Senior Fours Quarter Finals TBA
July 5 Sunday Semi Final Day 1 (*)   TBA
July 5 Sunday Ivens Cup Third Round PLAY BY
July 6 Monday Singles Last 16 TBA
July 8 Wednesday Singles Quarter Finals TBA
July 9 Thursday Mixed Pairs Quarter Finals TBA
July 12 Sunday Semi Final Day 2 (*)   TBA
July 16 Thursday Wardrop Cup Second Round  
July 19 Sunday Junior Pairs (*) All Day Nuneaton
July 19 Sunday Semi Final Day 3 (*) only if needed Nuneaton
July 19 Sunday Ivens Cup Area Final PLAY BY
July 26 Sunday Finals Day (*)   Norgren
July 29 Wednesday Wardrop Cup Quarter Finals  
August 9 Sunday Wardrop Cup Semi Finals TBA
August 16 Sunday Wardrop Cup Final TBA


  • 09 Oct
    Exec Meeting 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • 09 Nov
    AGM 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

  • 24 Nov
    Annual Luncheon 12:30 PM to 05:00 PM

  • 11 Dec
    Exec Meeting 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM