Special General Meeting 2017

Saturday 24th March 2018 at 2pm

Venue: Avenue BC (Coventry)

A special general meeting was held to discuss the future of a printed year book. The Executive has regularly been informed that at the end of the season clubs will have quite a few left over, this is a waste of both money and paper.

The Executive investigated replacing the current year book with a print on demand version, while this would see the cost of an individual year book increase the club would only order the number required as opposed to a number based on 50% of their male bowling members (as per current rule 19).

After a brief discussion the meeting agreed to replace the printed year book with a print on demand version from the 2019 season. There will also be a PDF version of the year book available from this website for people who do not need a printed version.


  • 26 May
    Mid Cty v Derby 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM

  • 27 May
    Ivens Prelim All Day

  • 28 May
    Trips R1 All Day

  • 29 May
    WCBA v Beds All Day