Wardrop Cup Final 2023 at Wellesbourne BC

A warm Wellesbourne welcomed Avenue Leamington and Three Spires to contest the 2023 Wardrop Cup.

In the Two Woods Singles it was Wallace Stein (Three Spires) that took a good early start, 4-1 up after four ends against Avenue’s Adam Smith. Smith levelled the scores, but Stein replied by opening up a four shot lead halfway through. Six singles and a double allowed Smith to wipeout the deficit and move four shots clear himself with three ends left. The players exchange singles meaning that Stein could no longer catch up, first blood to Avenue with a 14-10 win. Lee Maughan (Avenue) got off to a quick start in the Four Woods Singles against Paul Daniels (Three Spires), leading 13-2. Daniels scored a treble before the sides exchanged a brace of singles and a double, the score now 17-9 to Avenue, Maughan moved to two shots short of victory, Daniels scored another three before Avenue clinched the second point with a 21-12 victory.

Avenue also got off to a good start in the Fours, A Maries, J Hughes, M Smith & D Maries five shots up after seven ends against J Hankes, R Malin, S Rogers & M Hammond. A good spell for Hammond and co turned that deficit into a seven shot lead with five ends to go, Avenue took a double, but Three Spires took their lead to nine with three ends left. Avenue won all those ends but couldn’t deny Three Spires a 20-15 win, Avenue now leading 2-1.

With six ends played nothing could separate Dennis Goddard & Ray Beasley (Three Spires) and Karl Finch & Luke Horne (Avenue) in the Pairs, the scores were also level after nine ends in the Triples, R Tewksbury, B Wyer & L Bailey (Three Spires) and D White, C Poole & G Newton (Avenue) locked in battle. The Three Spires pairs held a one shot lead with eleven ends gone but Avenue led by five with five ends left in the triples. Three Spires tried to fight back but could only reduce the deficit to two, Avenue taking the Triples 14-12 and an unsurmountable 3-1 lead overall. Avenue had also taken the lead in the pairs with four singles and a four, the players shook hands on sixteen ends, Avenue 16-9 winners and claimed the Wardrop Cup 4-1.


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