Past Presidents (All Hon Life Members)

Year Name Club
1922-23 Dr D. Wardrop (Rugby)
1924 W. Ivens (Coventry)
1925 W. Pollard (Leamington)
1926 W. Brievogel (B.T.H. Rugby)
1927 M. L. Reddish (Rugby)
1928-29 W. Hamilton (Three Spires)
1930-31 A. Macfarlane (Birmingham C.S.)
1932-33 W. Thorpe (Avenue Leamington)
1934-35 Lt. Col. W. T. Brain (Birmingham C.S.)
1936 H. Dale (Stoke)
1937-38 J. H. Hackney (Wolvey)
1939-41 R. C. Smith (Birmingham C.S.)
1942-45 J. Taylor (Avenue Coventry)
1946 P. F. Grant (Tally Ho!)
1947 C. Antill (Rugby)
1948 W. G. Francis (Three Spires)
1949 W. J. Haynes (Leamington Spa)
1950 E. Powell (Tally Ho!)
1951 J. Ward (Stoke)
1952 G. A. Lea (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1953 C. H. Innes (Handsworth Wood)
1954 H. Cox (Nuneaton)
1955 T. C. Cotton (Rugby)
1956 J. R. Harrison (Wolvey)
1957 J. R. Knight (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1958 F. Moore (Three Spires)
1959 F. J. Baker (Rugby)
1960 D. A. Drane (Avenue Coventry)
1961 W. J. Coles (Shipston-on-Stour)
1962-63 W. H. Lewis (Lillington)
1964 Lt. Col. J. M. Browning (St. Barbara's)
1965 J. S. Leeson (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1966 K. G. Wilde (Handsworth Wood)
1967 A. R. Grinter (Kings Heath)
1968 Dr H. M. Yardley (Shipston-on-Stour)
1969 G. E. Robinson (Rugby)
1970 R. Silvera (Stoke)
1971 N. Wells (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1972 G. D. Inns (Bidford-on-Avon)
1973 W. H. Hyde (Brecon)
1974 H. E. Dunford (Avenue Coventry)
1975 W. J. Wickson (Shipston Town)
1976 F. R. Chandley (W. C. C. Staff)
1977 J. E. Maries (Fenny Compton)
1978 R. Robins (Bilton)
1979 F. Cooper (Avenue Coventry)
1980 T. H. Wilden (Handsworth Wood)
1981 W. H. Jackson (Royal Leamington Spa)
1982 W. H. Hyde (Brecon)
1983 T. Powers DFM (Nuneaton)
1984 Dr C. W. D. Cole (Brecon)
1985 G. E. Hobbis (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1986 J. M. S. Ades (Avon)
1987 D. L. T. Williams (Three Spires)
1988 S. Woodhouse (Stoke)
1989 P. H. Dunn (Blossomfield)
1990 F. Moore (Nuneaton)
1991 S. Orton (Tame Anker)
1992 D. Lanchbury (Wellesbourne)
1993 A. A. Dawson (Nuneaton)
1994 F. Hall (W. M. Police Birmingham)
1995 B. J. Wheeler (Three Spires)
1996 D. A. Paton (Shipston Engineering)
1997 I. H. Flynn (Wellesbourne)
1998 G, M. Sweet (Stratford-upon-Avon)
1999 B. E. Carr (Rugby)
2000 J. Burdett (Wolvey)
2001 B. J. Wheeler (Avenue Coventry)
2002 P. T. S. Oliver (Rugby)
2003 G. Williams (Bidford-on-Avon)
2004 C. Perkins (Blossomfield B.C.)
2005 P. Green (Norgren B.C.)
2006 R. Taylor (Stratford-upon-Avon)
2007-08 I. Wilkins (Bidford-on-Avon B.C.)
2009-10 A. Brookhouse (FISSC)
2011 R. J. Maries (Fenny Compton)
2012 G. Willcock (Three Spires)
2013 M. Brayne (Lillington)
2014 G. O'Donohue (Wolvey)
2015 B. Mace Humphries (Grange)
2016 C. Faulkner (Norgren)
2017 G. O'Donohue (Wolvey)
2018 D. Darby (Avon)


  • 13 Mar
    Exec Meeting 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM

  • 23 Mar
    Sec/Tres Meeting 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

  • 01 May
    Unbadged 1st Rnd All Day

  • 02 May
    Two Wood Singles 1st Rnd All Day